Leband transforms the office by creating ergonomic solutions to boost workers comfort to enhance efficiency and productivity for the workplace.


Our story begins with our own employees. When their minor aches and pains became chronic, impacting our productivity, we went looking for a cause, and discovered a poorly-designed workplace. That launched our ergonomic journey.


The average worker spends hours a day at their desk. That time should not cause injury and pain. At Leband, we believe the workplace should fit the employee, not the other way around. We have spent years researching and reimagining a human centered work environment should be like. Leband took comfort in creating solutions for our own employees, and now we offer them to you. At Leband, we design and manufacture ergonomic office products to help prevent stress to the body before it happens. 



Our Core Values:

  • Human-Centered: Our designs put people first
  • Determined: We meet customers' needs through innovation
  • Committed: We are focused on boosting productivity and satisfaction
  • Meticulous: We prioritize quality and attention to detail