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Our Story

Leband transforms the office by creating ergonomic solutions to boost workers comfort to enhance efficiency and productivity for the workplace.

Our story begins with our own employees. When their minor aches and pains became chronic, impacting our productivity, we went looking for a cause, and discovered a poorly-designed workplace. That launched our ergonomic journey.

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What Are The Customers Saying

By Chandrashekar C from Denmark:

One of the best investment! Loving it! Great product for the price point, I'm very pleased. Thank you Leband!

By Teresa from Portugal:

Finally received my desk (in Portugal)- and it was definitely worth the wait! The quality and structure of the desk are quite great and it's easy to use and to store. Keep your good job and excellent!

By Krisztian from Senior Artist at University of Chicago:

I'm still utterly impressed by Leband desk converter, use it every single day! I will use a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 with the desk, it is so spacious, I could even put my shortcut controller on it! It surely looks like a fantastic accessory! Awesome Job!

By Hamilton from the United States:

Forget about Herman Miller. This is 100% better lumber support with $78 IKEA chair works perfectly!

By Paul From the United States:

I'm loving the Leband desk converter. It's perfect and just what I'd hoped: feels strong and the wireless charging is a great bonus! My wife getting a little jealous seeing me using mine, so i ordered another one for her!

By James from the United States:

I've only been using this for ten minutes now, but man what a difference! I can't describe the feeling, but the support wraps around your back and envelopes it in what feels like a firm set of hands holding your back in the proper position to correct your posture and take pressure off your lower back. Goodby lower back and shoulder pain! Highly recommended. Sorry, Herman Miller.